World Championship Equestrians, Larry & Janice Townsend, spent decades traveling with their horses to countless competitions. After years of cheap plastic tarps, numerous bungees, ratchet straps, big hassle and bad weather, it lead us to develop the Hay-Easy Tarp System for you.

The Hay-Easy enables you to tarp your trailer’s hay or shavings load in 3 minutes or less, even in bad weather!

The Hay-Easy is not just for tarping hay – 

It works great for shavings too! 

SAVE MONEY! Buy your shavings at home and place them on top of your trailer with the Hay-Easy. It works just as secure, fast and easy with shavings as it does with hay!

Hay-Easy Features:

  • One Time Fast & Simple Installation
  • Time Saving: Tarp Your Hay In Minutes
  • Virtually Maintenance Free & Built To Last
  • Universal To All Trailer Racks (and transferable)
  • Adjustable To Any Hay Load Size From Partial To Full
  • Stays Safely Installed On Hay Rack Even When Not In Use (incl. over the winter)

The Hay-Easy™ is designed to last a lifetime of use!

More Features:


  • USA Made
  • Made From Durable, Quality Materials
  • Commercial Grade Tarp
  • When Not In Use, Hay-Easy Stays Securely Installed To Trailer Rack
  • Protects Your Horses Health & Your Hay Investment
  • 20% the Cost of A Hay Pod
  • More Proficient Than Any Other Trailer Hay Tarp System
  • Small Investment, Big Rewards
  • Never Needs Replacement Parts BUT They Are Available
  • Designed and Used By Professional Horseman

Choose from 2 sizes: For correct sizing please accurately measure your hay rack width.

6 foot 2 inches by 13 foot

7 foot 2 inches by 13 foot

Custom sizes available on request, allow an extra 2weeks for delivery


Your Hay-Easy will come with written instructions on how to assemble and install. The one-time installation should take you less than 30 minutes. *When not in use Hay-Easy stays securely installed to your trailer rack during all seasons.


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