► My first introduction to using Hay-Easy was when we were taking our four horses from Darby, Montana to Pueblo, Colorado for a mounted shooting competition. We covered the hay the night before we left Darby with the Hay-Easy. Good thing, because it rained all the way through Montana and into Wyoming. When we fed the horses that evening the hay was dry and so easy to uncover. We hit rain several times during our trek to and from Pueblo but never worried about the hay. Hay-Easy is an effective, safe and simple way to protect your hay…….And compared to the hay pod, economically it is the only way to go!!!!!

P.C. Hamilton, MT



► Life on the dusty trail has now never been easier!  I used to load up my horse trailer and head out with no worries, except one. Will my tarp stay on this time?  You see, my hay rack is 10 feet by 7’9 and holds 18 bails. My husband would load the hay and then tarp it using tie-downs and bungee cords to secure my load. Well, it was okay until I started using the hay, then the tarp would loosen up. Eventually it would blow up, rip and I would have to stop periodically to check my load and re-tie. What a pain.  Life is now easier because of my new Hay-Easy.  Thanks to the Townsend Ranch and their invention, my hay is now dry when it’s raining (or snowing where I live) and there’s no tarp flying in the wind above my trailer. This tarp system allows me to roll it back and retrieve my hay and then simply roll to cover it back and secure with ease. No more stopping to check my load and no more funny looks or pointing from passer-bys regarding my tarp. It’s simple to use, affordable and has made my life on the dusty trail a lot easier and happier. Thanks again for such a unique product!

-T.B. Alberta Canada



► WOW!!! ….is what comes to mind when using the Hay Easy!  Tarping the hay was always the last chore, no one wanted to do it.  Now it is a breeze and NO ONE MINDS doing the tarping anymore.  This product is so easy to install, I was worried I could not do it myself, but I did! Getting ready to hit the road, just takes 2 minutes now to secure my hay.   I do not have to worry that a car pulling up beside me, means a finger emerges to point at my flapping tarp before, “Lift off”!  Being on the road, “With just us girls” makes it a lot less hassle and dangerous, a huge peace of mind when we have better things to worry, talk or giggle about.  Thanks again Hay Easy, I wish this was available 10 years ago, but glad we have it now!

-M.M. Post Falls, ID



► I have tried every way to tarp as fast as possible, and do a job good enough to keep my hay securely covered. It just does not work. I saw the Hay-Easy system and tried it. Now I can cover my hay with confidence in a fraction of the time and without stopping at gas stations on the way to where I am going and having to fix it.

-B.B. Salmon ID



► We have tarped hay on top of out trailer for 20 plus years. Can’t count the number of times cars have pulled up next to us and pointed the trailer, only to stop and see the tarp shredded and hanging off the trailer. There was always the dilemma of what to do with the extra tarp as we used hay from the top. LESS hay…. MORE tarp! Using Hay-Easy; even during a torrential rain storm, kept the hay dry. As a female, often traveling alone or with another female, it was so easy and efficient to use….Release the ratchet, fold the tarp back, unload a bale of hay, refasten the back, tighten the ratchet….. off trailer in less than one minute! My husband doesn’t whine now when I am planning a trip. He actually encourages me to go more often since he doesn’t have to deal with the @*%# tarps, bungies and ratchet straps! New motto “ON the road AGAIN!”

-J.T. Darby MT



► I’m not a savvy horseman with my own trailer, but I do travel once and awhile with my friends who are pro and travel to compete. My friend said she was going to go tarp the hay. A minute or two later she was back helping with the horses. I asked, weren’t you going to go tarp the hay?  She replied, I already did!  What?! She showed me her new Hay-Easy.  I was blown away that she was back in the saddle helping with the horses after only going around the corner for a minute or so to tarp the hay load!  If you travel with horses, this is the way to go; you’ll get your life back!

-A.P. Stevensville MT